A Reminder, Amazon Offers Unlimited Photo Storage To Its Prime Members

Amazon Photos app grid image

Amazon Photos offers unlimited photo storage to Prime members. This is something that Amazon wants people to know. As mentioned by  ArsTechnica’s Jim Salter users looking for an alternative to Google Photos should look no further than Amazon’s offering.

If for some reason you have been living under a rock then you may have missed the news that Google ended its unlimited storage offer. In November 2020 Google made the announcement that they would no longer offer up unlimited storage for photos for free. Many users were let down by this announcement.

Google is looking to push its Google One subscription plan to allow users to purchase storage. The tiers offer something for everybody. However, the storage isn’t just for your photos but for all your Google account items. In addition, if you go over your limit Google may delete content.


This now gives Amazon a chance to swoop in and fill this void. Amazon Photos is no spring chicken. As a matter of fact, it came out six years ago. The service gives users an option to use its free tier which gives 5GB of free storage similar to Apple’s iCloud.

This seems weak in comparison to Google’s offering of 15GB for free. But if a user decides to upgrade to Amazon Prime the advantages begin to pile up. Firstly, users will get unlimited photo storage at no additional cost. The photos will even be stored at their original resolution.

Amazon Photos offers unlimited storage for Prime members plus more

Unfortunately, videos will still be capped at 5GB. But the features you get with Amazon Photos that Google Photos also has. First Amazon Photos offers both a mobile app and a desktop app. Users can even edit photos online just like with Google Photos.


If you were a Google Photos user who ordered physical photos or photo books Amazon Photos has you covered as well. Also, Amazon Photos has image recognition assisted search similar to Google Photos. So it seems like there are few if any tradeoffs from using Amazon’s offering.

But despite the fact you have to pay for Amazon Prime to get this you still get all of the perks of being a Prime member. This includes discounts at Whole Foods, free 2-day shipping on plenty of items from Amazon, and sometimes even same-day shipping.

In addition, there is Prime Day and all of Amazon’s other services like Amazon Videos and Amazon Music that you get access to. The plans start at $8.99 a month, $12.99 a month, or $119.99 a year but these prices are pretty reasonable for what you get. Also, this is without any storage limits anywhere. Amazon is making a pretty strong argument to go with them.