The Latest Amazfit Smartwatches Feature Borderless Rotatable Screens

Amazfit GTR 2e 16

Huami's Amazfit brand is releasing two new smartwatches soon, and both have borderless rotatable screens among a series of other features.

The two new smartwatches from Amazfit, which are the GTS 2e and the GTR 2e, lean on the borderless design to help themselves stand out. But the borderless edge-to-edge displays are merely the front and center feature of the watches.

Under the hood things are more focused on health and wellness and fitness features. As are all of the other products under the Amazfit brand.


Both new watches are set to be released tomorrow, January 12. They'll be available in the US and the UK both from the official Amazfit website and from Amazon.

Both smartwatches from Amazfit user HD AMOLED panels for their borderless screens

The screens don't just have an edge-to-edge borderless design, they also use HD AMOLED panels. Which means users can probably expect bright, clear displays that will be fairly easy to see in the sunlight.

Sizes do vary though. Which is worth pointing out as some users will prefer larger displays. The Amazfit GTS 2e comes with the larger display at 1.65-inches. It has a 341 ppi pixel density, but it's also a square-shaped display.

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The Amazfit GTR 2e meanwhile has a screen that's a bit smaller at 1.39-inches with a 326 ppi pixel density. But it has a round display so it looks a little more like a traditional watch.

Sleep quality monitoring, 90 built-in sport modes and more

Amazfit usually packs a lot of features into their smartwatches. At least these days. And the GTS 2e and GTR 2e are no exception.

Each watch features 90 built-in sport modes for automatic activity tracking, sleep quality monitoring and more. They also both feature Amazfit's PAI system for personal health assessment. You can personalize your watch faces on both of these watches too and measure blood oxygen saturation.


Each watch will retail for $139.99 and seem to have the exact same list of features overall. So really what the differences break down to are color and the shape of the display.

The Amazfit GTS 2e will be available in three different colors. Which are Black, Pink, and Green. The Amazfit GTR 2e will also be available in three colors, which are Black, Green, and Gray.

Both watches promise to provide a battery life of up to 45 days. Which is an insanely long time compared to many other watches on the market. Worth noting though is that 45 days on one charge is probably based on using an extended battery mode that cuts off specific features.


Either way, you won't be charging these watches very often compared to a lot of the other options out there.