Alienware Unveils RTX 30 Series Models Of Its M15 & M17 Laptops

Alienware M15 and M17 6

No conversation about gaming laptops can be had without talking about Alienware, which just unveiled that it will be releasing RTX 30 series models of its M15 and M17 gaming laptops.

As is the case with Alienware machines, these will probably be expensive laptops to acquire. But Dell is prepared to make it worth your while by packing them full of performance-based components to ensure top-tier gaming. From graphics to actual performance functionality. Think frame rate.

But what else do Alienware gaming laptops powered by RTX 30 series GPUs have to offer? Likely a lot. Starting with the massive amount of storage space you could configure your laptop to have.


Alienware RTX laptops can store up to 4TB of data

Storage, like many PC components, has the potential to be fairly expensive. Even more so when you’re thinking of adding a lot of it to your rig.

While many gaming laptop brands are setting limits for storage at around 1TB of drive space, Alienware is pushing those limits and then some with these refreshed M15 and M17 models.

You can configure your machine to have up to 4TB of drive space. Which is probably more than some will ever need. But if you’re a hardcore gamer that loves to keep their media and entertainment stored locally, sparing no expense on storage can help you achieve such lofty ambitions of never needing to play the game of “let’s see what I need to uninstall to make room for this new game this time around.”


In addition to the option of large amounts of storage, the new Alienware M15 and M17 also provide users with HDMI 2.1, and of course up to the RTX 3080 GPU.

No release date or prices have been set

Alienware hasn’t announced any prices for its upcoming laptops. Nor has it announced release dates.

For the time being, at least. The brand will be holding a livestream on January 26 where it will no doubt unveil more about these new gaming laptops. Which should include cost and availability details.


Over on the official Alienware Twitter account, the laptops are listed as “coming soon.” So with that and the reveal that a livestream is happening later this month, chances are that pre-orders will happen soon after.

And Alienware will want to be quick about it as it faces some stiff competition. Razer’s new RTX 30 series laptops are already available for pre-order and Gigabyte’s will be soon too.