This Is The First Touchless Smart Video Doorbell

alarm video doorbell

Alarm.com has taken to CES to release a new smart video doorbell that is perfect for the pandemic times that we are currently in.

It’s a touchless smart video doorbell. Which means that people can ring your doorbell without pressing the doorbell, and risk catching COVID-19. The doorbell does say on it that it is a touchless doorbell, and that you need to stand on the mat to ring the doorbell.

That door mat is not included with the doorbell, unfortunately. But it can be bought and it tells people where to stand to ring the doorbell.


People are going to be very confused by this doorbell, but as long as they are able to read directions, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Even without the door mat, you will still get notifications when someone comes to your door.

This is going to be great for delivery drivers, which can place the package on the mat and automatically let the customer know that their package has been delivered. And it also means that delivery drivers won’t need to touch buttons that have who knows what germs on them.

Even though surfaces is not a common way for COVID-19 to spread, it mostly spreads from someone’s mouth to another’s mouth. Which is why we have to social distance and wear masks. But it never hurts to touch as few surfaces as possible. As there are other germs there – like perhaps the flu.


Pricing & Availability

Surprisingly, the Alarm.com touchless video doorbell is available now through the different installation partners it works with. But an actual price was not given. Alarm.com just says that it will be priced “under $200” by itself.

Unfortunately, it does not look like you’ll be able to buy it separately and install it yourself. Which is rather unfortunate, but that’s how this stuff works sometimes.

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