AirPop Active+ Is A Cool New Smart Mask With A Lot Of Features

AirPop Active smart mask 4

A company called AirPop has just announced the world’s first smart Air Wearable, as they call it. The product is called the AirPop Active+ smart mask, and it comes with a Halo sensor in it.

This mask is supposed to help you get a better understanding of your respiratory health, which is especially important nowadays. That Halo sensor is able to capture breathing-related data, and correlate the information with real-time data about air quality and location.

AirPop Active+ smart mask will tell you when to replace its filter

That sensor will also let you know when you need to replace the mask’s filter. It will also help you unlock new biometric data, if that’s something you need for sports activities.


The aforementioned Halo sensor works in correlation with the company’s application. The AirPop app uses data collected by the Halo sensor in order to give you info about your breathing behavior, breathing cycles, and even the pollutants that the mask has blocked.

Now, if you switch this smart mask’s performance to ‘Active Mode’, you’ll get a lot more data. The mask will track metrics like breaths per minute, breaths per pace, and much more.

The built-in filter blocks >99% PM0.3, including dust, allergens, particulate matter, and microbial particles. The mask comes with four filters, and each of them comes with a QR code that you can scan by the AirPop app once installed.

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This mask’s Halo sensor connects to your smartphone via an app

The Halo sensor will connect to your Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth. Its battery lasts six months before you’ll need to replace it, and it’s powered by a coin-cell battery. So, it’ll be easy to replace.

It is also worth noting that the AirPop Active+ smart mask is washable, and is built with a 360-degree sealing, medical-grade soft touch membrane.

This smart mask will ship with four filters, and the AirPop Halo sensor. It will become available in the US and Canada from the website, at some point this month. It will also be available via select national retailers in early 2021. This package will cost you $149.99.