This Is The Only Arcade Stick Your Nintendo Switch Will Ever Need

8BitDo Arcade Stick

8BitDo tends to be more recognizable as the brand that makes Bluetooth controllers, but they also make an arcade stick for the Nintendo Switch. Of course there are other arcade stick options for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles, but the one from 8BitDo has some advantages. One is cost. As arcade sticks can be a little hard on the wallet.

They won't run you as much as a new console itself, but some of the more expensive ones definitely can come close. And therein is one of the biggest strengths of the one from 8BitDo.

If you play fighting games, an arcade stick is usually the way to go. Though not all players will agree with this, the arcade stick lends itself well to controlling your characters and completing complex combos. Some however will prefer the layout of a standard controller.


The 8BitDo arcade stick is compatible with Nintendo Switch & PC

The controller was specifically designed to be used with the Switch. But 8BitDo also designed it specifically to be used with PC games.

Granted you probably don't want to use it for more than fighting games. But you could if you wanted to. And as long as they're on Switch or PC this controller should connect to them and work just fine. It'll connect through Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless. So you shouldn't have any trouble getting it linked with either of those two platforms.

As for cost, it seems like a lot for a controller but it isn't really. Not in the gran scheme of things. Especially when compared to the competition. If this is the controller you've been looking for you can grab it from Amazon or from 8BitDo's website for $90.

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Play games with a wired connection to save on battery

Since this was designed to be a wireless controller this would provide the most convenient connection. But you can only play games as long as the battery on your wireless controllers will let you. Then you need to spend some time charging them up.

The nice thing about the arcade stick from 8BitDo is that it also supports a wired connection. It comes with its own USB-C cable for the wired gameplay support. Just plug it into the Switch or your PC and you can play like normal. While charging the battery up at the same time.

You can even customize button mapping and create macros using the 8BitDo Ultimate software that this controller supports.


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