Zoom May Launch An Email Service & Calendar App Next Year

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Videoconferencing major Zoom is reportedly looking to expand its portfolio into new territories. The company is developing a corporate email service and a calendar app, The Information reports.

According to the report, Zoom has already begun work on the email product. It will reportedly be a web-based email service. A very early version of the product may be made available to some customers for testing as early as next year, the report cites two people with direct knowledge of the matter.

Details about the company’s plans with the calendar service are still a mystery though. It could be much farther off with the focus primarily on the email service. It’s unclear if development on the calendar app has even started.


Zoom is developing an email service and a calendar app

Zoom witnessed a blockbuster year in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic forced more people to work from home. There have been some early hiccups, with questions raised on its privacy and security features. However, as the year progressed and its usage grew, the company continued to make the service more dependable and accessible.

Over the past few months, Zoom has rolled out end-to-end encryption on its platform and added support for devices like the Google Nest Hub Max. The company also rolled out several new security features to keep meetings safe from the so-called “Zoombombers.”

While Zoom continues to enjoy great success, it is now seemingly exploring ways to expand its product portfolio. The email service and the calendar app could have deep integration with the company’s core service – videoconferencing, that is.


By launching its own email and calendar services, Zoom could also be looking to pitch itself as a multi-purpose platform. Google and Microsoft are two of the biggest names with enterprise app suites. But Zoom already has a massive userbase to target at.

The report points at several signs that tell the company may be looking to develop a full enterprise app suite. Zoom already has integrations with services like Asana and Dropbox and also has new job postings for “exciting chat features.”

Besides, Zoom is also wary that its usage may decline once the lockdown and quarantine measures are eased globally and companies order their employees to return to the office. It wants to prepare itself to tackle the effects of this change on its videoconferencing business.


Zoom has declined to comment on the matter. However, since the report suggests that its email service will go into testing as early as next year, we may get some official communication from the company soon.