Xiaomi Will Likely Release Three Foldable Smartphones In 2021

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Xiaomi is planning to release three foldable smartphones next year, according to a new report. This information comes from Ross Young, a well-known display analyst. Mr. Young is usually quite accurate with his information, so we don’t have a reason to doubt this.

Xiaomi planning to launch three foldable smartphones next year

Mr. Young decided to clarify this information even further. He said that the company is actually planning to release three different types of foldables in 2021. One of them will be outfolding, the second will be in-folding, and the third will be a clamshell-type.

So, one will compete with the Galaxy Z Fold series, the other with the Z Flip series, and the third one will be a similar take to foldable as the Huawei Mate X(s) was.


Xiaomi demoed its foldable smartphone quite some time ago. That phone never became a reality. Truth be said, that was only a prototype. Xiaomi was expected to announce a foldable in 2020, but that didn’t happen.

It seems like we’ll see several of them in 2021, though. Xiaomi and several other smartphone manufacturers will announce their first foldable smartphones in 2021, it seems.

Google is also expected to announce its first foldable handset in 2021

Google is another huge name in the industry that is planning to launch a foldable smartphone in 2021. In addition to those two companies, both OPPO and Vivo will launch their first foldable offerings next year, based on a recent report.


Now, we don’t have any other information on Xiaomi’s foldable smartphones. This is everything we have to go on at the moment. Xiaomi may share some more information in the near future, though.

We’re not sure when will the company’s first foldable handset arrive, but chances are these three devices won’t launch at the same time. We’re guessing they will arrive at completely different times throughout 2021. It seems like 2021 will be an exciting year for foldable smartphones, and Xiaomi is expected to offer compelling price tags for its offerings.