Wyze Made A Cheap Smartwatch That May Actually Excite Users

Wyze Watch Smartwatch

Wyze just announced its first-ever smartwatch, a cheap (in price) offering in the wearables market that may actually excite users. The Wyze Watch, as it’s appropriately named, will be a slightly more functional version of the company’s first fitness tracker. It’ll have a bigger screen that’s also touch-enabled. Plus, it’ll be capable of doing more things without really raising the price tag. In fact it’s less than the tracker was at launch.

The Wyze Watch is a smartwatch so users should definitely expect it to have some smartwatch features. And of course it certainly looks like a smartwatch. But it isn’t going to be packed full of functionality on a comparable scale with some of the more pricey offerings. The watch does only cost $20. So it shouldn’t be expected to do everything under the sun.

You can already pre-order the new smartwatch from Wyze

If you love Wyze products and can’t wait to get your hands on the Wyze Watch, you won’t have to wait too long it seems. you can already pre-order the watch from Wyze and it looks like it’ll be launching officially sometime in 2021. The pre-order page is accepting pre-orders for another 21 days. But the watch doesn’t actually ship out to buyers until February 2021.


You can pick it up in a black color only, but it does come in two different sizes. a 44mm and a 47mm option. Both are the same cost so there’s no additional charges for going with the larger model. Both have the same features too.

It’s water-resistant and has a 9-day battery life

The Wyze Watch won’t do as much as the Galaxy Watch 3, but it does probably do enough for the people that will be interested in it. Which are likely to be customers of other Wyze products. To put it simply, this might be the perfect smartwatch for anyone who has other Wyze smart home devices. Because it allows for integration with those and easy access to control and manage them.

It also has a 9-day battery life. Which is one of the stand out features. Smartwatches rarely have a battery life that lasts longer than a couple of days. So a full 9 is probably sounding pretty good to some users right now.


It’s also water-resistant, comes in an aluminum alloy case, it can track your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and track your activities including steps, sleep and more. There’s app compatibility too, including for apps like Messenger and YouTube. In the box the Wyze Watch will come with a silicone strap, but optional leather straps will be available in multiple colors for $10 each.