WhatsApp Update Adds Custom Wallpaper For Each Chat

Whatsapp AH NS 03

WhatsApp recently launched the disappearing feature for its app. Now with the latest update, WhatsApp is adding support for setting custom wallpaper for each chat.

The new WhatsApp update adds a selection of new wallpapers and stickers. Moreover, it also brings the feature to let users set custom wallpapers for each chat with groups or individuals.

The new WhatsApp custom wallpaper feature will help users' distinguish each chat on the platform. This will also negate the worry of sending the wrong message in the wrong chat ever again.


WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform owned by Facebook. Over the years, it has gained several new features and the latest WhatsApp custom wallpaper feature lets you choose a specific wallpaper for each chat or individual contact.

You can set any wallpaper as per your liking to create the mood you want. Additionally, as noted by Engadget, you can set separate wallpapers for light and dark mode settings.

Any custom wallpaper that you have set will automatically transition from light to dark mode as per your devices' settings. WhatsApp is also adding new colors for the default doodle wallpapers.

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WhatsApp update also introduces new, and iconic images of nature and architecture

To give you a head start, you can choose from new and iconic images of nature and architecture that WhatsApp is bringing. All wallpapers can be dimmed and lightened as per users' desire.

WhatsApp is also improving the sticker searching within the app. You can now search for any sticker with text or emoji. The common sticker category is there if you need to search for any sticker the old-school way.

Facebook is encouraging sticker creators to make the process of searching stickers using text or emojis easier. This can be done if sticker creators tag their stickers with emoji and text.


So, for instance, if you wish to search for any sticker related to "birthday" you can make use of the "cake" emoji to search for the stickers related to "birthday". This makes the stickers easily searchable.

Finally, the latest update also adds an animated version of the World Health Organization (WHO) "Together at Home" sticker pack. It aims to make these stickers more expressive and useful.

Facebook has stated that the new WhatsApp update will start rolling out for both iOS and Android users globally over the next few days. Though some iOS users may see the changes appear in the app already.