All 2021 Movies From WB Pictures Will Stream On HBO Max


WB Pictures has just announced that all of its movies from 2021 will stream on HBO Max. Which means users who subscribe to the service will be able to watch those big budget films in the comfort of their own home instead of going to the theater.

These new films will still be available to see in theaters. As each one will be a simultaneous release. This will give people the opportunity to decide where they want to watch new movies from the studio.

Of course you will need a subscription to HBO Max to get access. But that’s no surprise. Having said that, it will also be a much more affordable way to watch new films. And it appears that this could mark a shift in how people watch new films going forward.


WB Pictures films will not be available on HBO Max forever

Whether you love or hate this change, there are some things to know about it. As noted, any of the films that release on HBO Max next year will be a simultaneous release with theaters.

However, the HBO Max access will only stick around for a month after its initial release. It will then be removed from the service and will no longer be available to stream. This will only be for a short time though. With movies returning to HBO Max in the future at some point following their departure.

There’s already a large list of films that are slated to arrive, too. Including some highly anticipated releases.


Dune, Wonder Woman 1984 and others are confirmed

WB Pictures has already listed a large collection of upcoming films that will be hitting HBO Max. This will start on December 25 with Wonder Woman 1984.

The new adaption of Dune, which was pushed back, will be another highly anticipated release that HBO Max subscribers can look forward to sometime in 2021. Other films include The Little Things, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Mortal Kombat, Godzilla Vs. Kong and others.

All the films will be available in 4K UHD and HDR. So if you have the TV or monitor to support it, you’ll get excellent visual and audio quality for the films you watch. Right now Warner Media plans to test this new distribution method for an entire year.


After that, it’s likely that it will decide whether or not to continue releasing films on HBO Max alongside theater releases, or go back to the old ways.

Much of the way people do everything these days has changed though. And theaters are one of the industries that has taken a massive hit. Causing shutdowns and closures of certain locations for a period of time. One has to wonder if this might be the new normal for movies.