Waze Set To Roll Out Integration With Amazon Music

Waze AH NS 01 AH 2019

It has emerged that Waze is set to roll out integration with Amazon Music. As reported by Android Police this comes a whole three years after Waze introduced audio controls to the app.

For a while now Waze has been hard at work to introduce integrations that mean your navigation is not impeded. These included the ability to pay at gas stations without losing your navigation instructions.

Waze has also brought in a number of other new features over recent months to try and make the app that little bit more intuitive. For example, Waze now offers lane guidance and trip suggestions.


The app also now supports sending navigations instructions from the web to the app. Thus making the ability to get navigations instructions that bit easier.

Now it looks like there will be another addition to the Waze app in the form of Amazon Music Integration. This will allow users to easily listen to music without having to switch off the navigation app.

Waze set to introduce Amazon Music integration

The announcement of this integration originally came earlier this autumn. However, it now finally appears that the integration has begun rolling out with it turning up inside the settings section of the app.

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To activate the use of Amazon music go to ‘settings’ then ‘select and audio app’. Amazon should begin showing up alongside other providers such as YouTube Music.

From there you can select Amazon Music which will bring up a prompt connect Waze to the music app. Once accepted this will allow you to view your music library from within the Waze app. Currently playing songs will also show up with playback controls.

Some loyal Amazon Music members may see an alert in the Waze app notifying you of this news and prompting you to use the integration. Be sure to download the latest version of Waze app in case you cannot see the update.


However, do not panic if even then the update does not show itself. Given the roll out has only recently begun and these things can often be a bit haphazard there is a fair chance that the update has not yet reached you.

In that case, the only option you have is to sit tight and wait it out. Hopefully, it will not be too long before the new integration comes to all users but these things can take days or even weeks sometimes.