Twitter Spaces Brings People Together By Focusing On The Human Voice

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If 280 characters aren’t enough to get your point across on Twitter, then there is good news for you. Twitter Spaces is being tested which is their new Clubhouse-like voice chat rooms. After announcing testing last month, the @TwitterSpaces official account made the announcement on Dec 17 that they were officially live.

The official account says that Spaces is focused on the intimacy of the human voice. The team behind spaces goes on to say that “the human voice can bring a layer of connectivity to Twitter through emotion, nuance, and empathy often lost in the text.” It is true that talking to someone does convey more emotion which can hammer a point home easier.

Twitter has always been the go-to social media when you want to get a random short thought out of your head. Being able to log in and type up a short message and hit post is simple. And with the limitation of 280 characters, users have to be concise in making their point.


Twitter Spaces Aims To Bring People Together

The team says their small experiment “brings people together to connect directly in an intimate, conversational space.” This sounds great, but odd considering it is a Twitter feature. However, even though Twitter is text focused, this could be a hit. The team says they can see Spaces resembling a “well-hosted dinner party”.

The comparison isn’t too farfetched. A well-hosted dinner party aims to make everyone attending comfortable enough to engage in conversation. Even with people, they may not know. The first test version will be given to a small feedback group. This small group will be able to create Spaces for their followers and others on Twitter to join. The group will also have full control over who can or cannot speak in their space.

Spaces offer more than just being able to talk to other users in the chatroom. The team is also testing features such as reactions similar to hand gestures, an early version of live transcriptions, reporting and blocking, and sharing Tweets in spaces. Ironically, the team will communicate with the feedback group primarily through DMs.


Looking at the @TwitterSpaces feed and reactions to this announcement, users seem to be interested in spaces. Spaces could be a big hit for Twitter. Especially if they can mitigate some of the negative aspects associated with social media as they have before. Thankfully the team is testing reporting and blocking which should help stop toxic users in their tracks. Spaces is still in the beta stage, and not yet available to everybody.