Six Top Free Game Booster Apps For Android Gamers In 2020

BGNMobi Game Booster grid

The mobile gaming community is getting bigger and bigger as more people use their tablets and smartphone devices to play games. Currently, it is estimated that there are already around 2.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide and this is more than half of the total smartphone users around the world which is close to 4 billion.

According to statistics, around 62 percent of people install a game on their phone within the week of their purchase and 78 percent of these people are Android users. Android smartphones are simply becoming more powerful and its users can enjoy any game. Whether it’s they have a casino app in India or an FPS game in mind, the latest Android phones can already run these smoothly.

However, there still are times that your Android phone isn’t maximizing the use of its specs to boost your gaming experience. What you should know is that you shouldn’t just feel disappointed about it and think of buying the next-gen Android phone. There are apps that you can download to boost your gaming experience.


There are plenty of paid Android game optimizers out there that you can download but free to download apps are always better especially if you’re not a pro gamer. Luckily, there are plenty of free to download game optimizers that you can install on your Android phone, and here they are.

  • Cleaner for Android – 4.8 Star Rating

Cleaner screenshot

This may sound like an app that doesn’t have anything to do with gaming on your Android phone, but it helps. This is an all-around phone optimizer that lets you clean up your phone by deleting unnecessary files. It also has an app cache remover, a battery life optimizer, and a game booster.


When the game booster module is launched after installing this app, it could improve your phone’s gaming performance which will help lessen the lagging in your game. It could also help with unresponsive controls.

  • All-in-One Toolbox – 4.5 Star Rating

All In One Toolbox app screenshot

This is another Android phone optimizer that is all around or “all-in-one”. When you download this app, you get to enjoy a total of 30 plus tools that could help optimize your smartphone device. It has a speed booster, battery optimizer, CPU cooler, App Manager, and many more. If your phone heats up a lot whenever you play mobile games, this may help you out.

  • BGNMobi: Games Booster – 4.5 Star Rating

Game Booster BGNMobi screenshot

If you are specifically looking for a game optimizing app, then you may want to check this out. This optimizes your smartphone in a way that a big chunk of your phone’s RAM can be used for gaming. This helps you avoid slowdowns and game crashes. It works alike on any Android device. However, if you have a rooted smartphone, you can enjoy extra advantages as it can maximize your device’s gaming threshold.

  • Game Booster 4x Faster Free – GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix – 4.5 Star Rating

Game Booster 4x Faster Free screenshot


While many Android phones are already powerful enough to run FPS games like Call of Duty and Rules of Survival, there are still players who want the graphics of their games to improve. You will need a GFX tool for this and this is an app that you can download to change your game resolution. On this app, you can change the graphics settings on your phone, use the one-touch optimization for gaming, and the auto-gaming mode.

  • Infolife LLC: Game Booster & Launcher – 4.0 Star Rating

One of the main reasons why your game is lagging is because you have too many apps open. These open apps make use of your phone memory that should have been used by the game that your playing. An app like this from Infolife LLC can free up your phone’s memory. It’s a simple and very direct app that is easy to use. It has a game icon that you can launch to boost your gaming experience. With this, you can enjoy lag-free, faster, and smoother games.

  • Droid Optimizer – 4.4 Star Rating

Droid Optimizer Screenshot


This is another one of those all-around Android Phone optimizing apps. Droid Optimizer comes with exclusive tools that you won’t find on other optimizer apps for Android devices. With this, you can use a ranking system module that can help you know your phone’s rank when it comes to use and maintenance. The more unnecessary files or items that your phone has, the lower your device rank is.
This app can help improve your phone’s performance by speeding up your gaming applications and cleaning up your files. What’s also great about this is that it comes with no annoying ads.