TikTok's Yearly Recap Allows Users To Relive Their Most Watched Videos

TikTok Clock Logo Illustration AH db 2020

Are you a lover of TikTok? If so this news is for you. The social media platform has released a new feature. December 21 Engadget reported that TikTok now offers a yearly recap for its users. TikTok’s yearly recap is tailored for each user. The next time users log in they will see a personalized collection consisting of their favorite clips. Although, TikTok has a rough year they are looking to close the year out on a positive note.

In addition to a personalized collection of videos, there will also be a handful of the top “vibes” all based on the content users viewed most. Now, accessing the new feature is very easy. Firstly, users must update to the latest version of the app. Secondly, open the app and tap on the “Year on TikTok” relevant icon. There is also a banner that will do the same on the Discover page.

Of course, if you are new to TikTok you will not have a curated personal collection. You just will not have a full years’ worth of activity. Now, TikTok has thought of that. Instead, new users will see selections from the company’s top 100 list. You can also score a special badge if you share your favorites. That’s one way to go into the new year on a positive note.


Reminisce on 2020 with TikTok’s yearly recap

TikTok is a little late to the party with this feature. TikTok’s yearly recap feature compared to other companies took a long time to arrive. Spotify makes does this every year and makes an annual event out of it. Facebook offers users a way to get their year in review. Instagram allows users to see their top nine most liked posts.

These may seem like useless features, but it is nice to see what you have done in a year. Now, remembering 2020 may be a little bit of a bummer. But, all of us had some good times this year sprinkled among the craziness.

This comes as good news for TikTok who has been in the spotlight for negative reasons. TikTok has been in the crosshairs of the presidential administration and faced a ban. The administration has also tried to force TikTok’s parent company to sell the social media platform to a US buyer.


Leaving 2020 on a positive note will be a good thing for TikTok. It is very popular and looks to continue growing in 2021. TikTok is moving forward and bringing new viral challenges, videos, and more with it. Now users will be able to relive all of that at the end of each year.