This Is The Best Last-Minute Gift You Can Get This Year!

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Let’s face it, we are all procrastinators. Waiting until the very last minute to finish up our Christmas shopping. Luckily, there are still some really great gifts that you can pick up at the very last minute.

And the gift we’re going to talk about today is a Disney+ subscription. This is the best last-minute gift that you can buy this year.

You can gift a year of Disney+ to anyone on your list this year, for just $69.99. That is the regular price of Disney+ for a year, which is actually cheaper than paying for it month-to-month.


Why should I gift Disney+?

Disney+ has loads of content. Albeit, not quite as much as Netflix. But Disney+ has been making content for over a century. Thanks to Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic, there is plenty of content for everyone. That includes kids, teenagers and even adults.

Disney+ is also adding plenty of original content over the next couple of years. It had planned to offer quite a few titles this year, but the pandemic shut down productions around the world, and delayed a lot of movies and shows.

Of course, one of the biggest shows on Disney+ right now is The Mandalorian. Largely thanks to Baby Yoda. Which makes the show great for those of all ages.


With Disney+, you can purchase it on Christmas Day and have it emailed to the recipient, and not worry about it shipping in time. That’s a good thing since shippers are under a lot of pressure right now. Due to the pandemic and more people shopping online than ever before. And the vaccine being shipped out too.

You can get your year of Disney+ Gift by clicking here. It’ll ask you for your information, and the recipient’s info, and then send the gift right on over.

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