Don't Miss Your Chance At A Free $10 For Stadia Games

Stadia 3

Quite some time ago Google gave everyone who had a Stadia membership some free money for their next game purchase. Not a lot of free money, mind you, just $10. But it's a $10 discount that Google didn't have to give out at all.

If you've still not used your $10 discount, make sure you use it soon as you won't want to miss out on a slightly cheaper Stadia game, seeing as how Google isn't in the business of giving away free money very often.

You may not have even noticed that Google was giving you a $10 discount on your next game purchase. But it did. And you don't have much longer before it expires. Which is why you want to use it up as soon as possible.


The free money Google gave you for a Stadia lasts through December 31

You will have just a week to use that $10 or it will disappear into the ether. Never to be seen again.

The terms and conditions state that the promotion will expire on December 31 of this year. And seeing as how it's already December 23, and mid-day at that, you have just a little over a week to claim that discount towards a new game to play.

And honestly, the sooner the better. Seeing as how the holidays are here Friday and you'll have plenty of free time on your hands. Another good reason to use it now though, is because Google is holding a pretty big holiday sale on numerous games.

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These discounts are pretty good on a wide range of the available titles on the platform. But they're even better if you're subscribed to Stadia Pro. For example, you could get Watch Dogs: Legion Gold Edition for just $50 instead of $100 right now if you're a Pro member. And because of that $10 it goes down even further to $40. That's a steep discount for a pretty new game that only released a couple of months ago.

There are a few caveats to the discount

The discount can be used an almost anything in the Stadia store. But there are one or two caveats to pay attention to.

For example you have to use it on something that contains a base game. That means you can buy the standard edition of something and it will apply the savings to that purchase.


You could also use it on any content bundle that includes a base game. Like the Gold Edition of Watch Dogs: Legion. Which contains the base game alongside a collection of in-game DLC and items.

All that said, if you still have the $10, use it up before next Friday. Lest you lose it.