Stadia Will Get Disco Elysium And The ARK Sequel In The Future

Stadia 3

Last night at the Game Awards 2020, a handful of new games were announced including Disco Elysium Final Cut, and the sequel to ARK Survival Evolved, both of which are headed to Stadia at some point in the future.

The Game Awards is always a big to-do every year for the best of the best in games. Including categories like Game Of The Year, Best Art Direction, Best Soundtrack, Player's Voice and more.

The show also includes world first reveals of upcoming games, or new versions. Such as in the case of Disco Elysium, which is being released in a Final Cut version next year. In fact it launches on March of 2021. Though it's not immediately clear if Stadia will get a day and date release with the other platforms as it wasn't mentioned during the Game Awards reveal.


ARK 2 is probably a long way off, even if it is coming to Stadia

Last night was the world-first reveal for ARK 2. So it's safe to say that the game is probably in the early stages of development right now.

There is always a possibility that's it's further along. And the game could always be released in an early access or beta state as the devs finish things up. Similar to Baldur's Gate 3. But for fans of the ARK series who also subscribe to Stadia, it's probably better not to get your hopes up about the game arriving in the very near future.

The fact that there was no date mentioned suggests that the studio doesn't have much to share in that department at the moment. The good thing is that Stadia has plenty of other new games on the way that are probably closer to release. Disco Elysium Final Cut for one.

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And don't forget that Cyberpunk 2077 launched on Stadia on December 9.

Humankind, a new ESO expansion and more are on the way too

In addition to the above two games, a new Elder Scrolls Online expansion was announced at the Game Awards called Gates Of Oblivion.

This expansion will be released in 2021, but there is no firm date yet. Nor is there even a general time frame other than next year. Humankind, a strategy-like game about human advancement is due to release on April 22 of next year, while an indie title called Tchia was announced on the Stadia YouTube channel yesterday with no release date currently attached.