You Can Now Set Custom Playlist Covers In The Spotify App

spotify android playlist bug

According to a new announcement, with the latest update, Spotify has added a new feature that lets the user set their own custom playlist cover on the Spotify mobile app.

Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms available. The library is huge and it not only includes high-quality music but also has tons of podcasts.

Recently, we reported that Spotify is currently testing out the option to allow users to play local music through the app. This new feature is undergoing test only for the Android app.


Moreover, there is no information on whether or not this feature will come for iOS. Although there is no specific date for the rollout of this feature, we expect Spotify to release the local music playback feature soon for Android users.

Local music playback will allow users to play music stored in the internal memory of the phone. This could come in handy if you are in a place where there is no internet connection.

Well, recently Spotify started rolling out the Stories feature on Android and iOS to a limited group of artists. Artists can share a small snippet of songs or album art and even snippets of their playlists as well via this stories feature.


Both free and premium Spotify members can officially upload custom cover images

Just like being able to play local music, creating a personal playlist is one of the best ways to express yourself via music. Besides, it also helps to keep all of your favorite songs in one place.

It adds convenience, when you are going out, you can simply play your playlist and all of your favorite songs will be played one by one. Additionally, you can share your personal playlist with someone to share your taste in music.

And now, taking things a bit further, Spotify allows users to set custom cover images for their playlist. This apparently adds a bit of personal touch to your own playlist.


You can set any image as your playlist cover image, be it your pet’s image, your family image, or even an image of yourself. This feature is available for both the free as well as premium Spotify mobile app users.

If you wish to add your own custom image to your playlist, simply navigate over to the playlist that you have created. Then hit the three-dot icon menu. Tap on ‘Edit’ and click ‘change image.’

After this, you will be able to select any image as your playlist custom cover. It will be pretty neat if Spotify extends the functionality of this option and let users add GIF as their custom cover image.


The new Spotify custom playlist cover image feature is rolling out starting December 8. If you want to try on this new feature, you can grab the latest Spotify app update from Play Store.