Sony Is Breaking Console Sales Numbers Records With The PS5

Sony PS5 5

Sony’s PS5 sales numbers are apparently breaking records compared to the sales numbers of its past consoles.

While all of Sony’s PlayStation consoles have really been big hits with consumers, the PS5 sales numbers seem to suggest that it’s doing very well for the first month of launch compared to older PlayStation models.

But as it turns out it’s not just older consoles from the PlayStation brand. The PS5 is beating out any other video game console sales numbers in US history. That’s a pretty astounding accomplishment considering how hard it’s been to get a hold of one of them. With many stores selling out of stock mere minutes after it goes up.


The PS5 reached the highest launch month sales in US history

The PS4 was previously the console that held this record. But the popularity of the PS5 has pushed it to beyond the launch month sales numbers of the PS4.

Recent information from NPD shows that the PS5 is the highest selling console in US history for both unit number sales and dollar amount. So it’s safe to say that Sony is once again dominating the console market.

Of course it’s important to remember that this is merely the launch month. And while the first month sales may have gone to Sony, there’s always room for that to change. At the very least, this may give Sony a decent lead against competing video game platforms for the new generation.


But whether or not it’s able to maintain that lead is what will be interesting to see further down the road. Even Nintendo did well in the month of November with the Switch. Though part of that likely has to due with the fact that it more available stock than Sony or Microsoft.

Xbox Series X did worse than its previous generation

Not all consoles are smashing sales records. the Xbox Series X has apparently hit lower numbers than the Xbox One for its launch month. How much lower is uncertain. But lower is still lower.

That doesn’t mean it’s doom and gloom for Microsoft. But it does seem to show that consumers may have had more of an interest in the PS5 than the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.


Another thing to keep in mind though, is that these are based on US sales numbers. Not global. And as mentioned before, it’s possible that all of this could fluctuate for upcoming months. Especially after more and more stock comes in for both consoles and stock is more stable in 2021.