You'll Soon Be Able To Share Tweets Directly To Snapchat

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Starting December 10, Twitter is now making it much easier to share your Tweets on other social media platforms. Apparently, users will be able to share a Tweet as a sticker on Snapchat.

This feature is currently rolling out for Twitter users on iOS. Sadly, for Android users, this feature is tagged as ‘coming soon.’ We hope this feature arrives on Android soon, as this is pretty nifty.

Before the arrival of this feature, whenever you wanted to share a Tweet on social media apps like Snapchat, you were required to take a screenshot of your Tweet. And then share it on Snapchat.


Moreover, you did not have access to Snapchat’s editing features. But that is now going away, as you will be able to share your Tweet on Snapchat as a sticker and use the in-app editing features as well.

The shared Snapchat Tweet stickers will be clickable and will redirect people directly to Twitter. Good thing is that this feature will not be limited to Snapchat only.

Notably, according to Twitter, they will soon begin testing this new feature for Instagram stories as well. A small group of iOS users will get to test share Tweet stickers for Instagram Stories.

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Snapchat users can share Tweets visually to Stories with full access to editing tools

This would be the first time where Snapchat users will be able to share a Tweet visually in their stories. Additionally, users will also have access to all of Snapchat’s Creative Tools.

The new format looks more appealing and lets you easily find the source. Besides, this feature would also help the users to spread their Tweets to a wide audience.

If you wish to use this feature, make sure that you have the latest version of Twitter installed on your iOS device. Then you need to tap on the Share button of the Tweet, which you want to share on Snapchat. Note that a protected tweet cannot be shared.


Then simply tap the Snapchat icon from the horizontal scroll of icons. The Snapchat app will take you to the Camera module within the app and the tweet will appear as an immovable sticker.

Once you have taken your Snap (as a video or a photo), you can do further editing like move the snap, resize the sticker, and much more. You can make use of Snapchat Creative Tools including captions, stickers, Bitmojis, Cameos, and Filters.

Tap the blue Send button at the bottom right corner to share with your followers in the Snapchat app. People will see the Tweet as a sticker in your Snap. They can swipe up to be redirected to Twitter and view all the replies.


For Instagram, it is not clear whether it will be a similar process. However, the company has provided a sneak peek into what this feature should look like on Instagram.