Samsung May Launch Two Different Galaxy Z Fold 3 Handsets

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According to a new report by a well-known tipster, Samsung is actually planning to release two different variants of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. He actually said that while responding to Ross Young, a well-known analyst.

Samsung is planning to launch two Galaxy Z Fold 3 variants, one might be called ‘Ultra’

Mr. Young talked about the display size of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, when Tron decided to share this information. He said that we can expect two Galaxy Z Fold 3 variants, one of which could be called the ‘Ultra’, similar to the Galaxy S series naming.

He said that he’s not sure when it comes to naming, that’s only a guess. If this information ends up being true, however, we’ll get two different variants of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.


Now, considering that Samsung is planning to bundle in the S Pen with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, does that mean one of the variants will ship without it? Well, that would make sense, as the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the only S21 handset that will support the S Pen.

Just to be clear, the Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t ship with the S Pen. The device will support it, but you’ll have to buy it separately, The phone also won’t offer a docking option for it, unless you buy a case for something like that.

Ross Young did respond to Tron’s comment, saying that it’s possible. He hasn’t heard anything about it, though, but he did say that the display sizes will be completely identical if it happens.


These two devices will likely launch in the second half of 2021

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will likely arrive in the second half of 2021. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 launched in August last year, so the same may happen with its successor, we’ll see.

Based on the information that Ross Young shared earlier, the device will feature a 7.55-inch main display, and a 6.21-inch cover display. Both of those displays will be slightly smaller than the ones on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Why? Well, it seems like the S Pen is to blame. The difference will be so small, you’ll struggle to notice it.