Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra & S21+ Pose Side-By-Side For The First Time

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 plus leak live image

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21+ have just surfaced, and this time around, in real-life images. The Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21+ pose side-by-side in the provided image below this paragraph.

This leak comes from sakitech, who revealed the information via its new YouTube video, and then shared it via Twitter as well. You can check out the aforementioned video as well, it’s embedded below the article.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra & S21+ pose to show their rear cameras

As you can see in this image, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a lot larger camera housing, and camera modules. That is not all that surprising considering we’ve already heard of the difference we can expect here.


The two devices will offer a similar design, but not identical. Their cameras will be different, as you can see here, and the same goes for size and display curvature. Other than that, they’ll be just about the same on the outside.

You can expect metal and glass build here, and a centered display camera hole on the front. All Galaxy S21 handsets will have uniform bezels, and they will be extremely thin.

On both phones, those camera housings will be an extension of the phone’s frame. That is not represented well in this image, but you can see it in the leaked CAD-based renders. That is a new design detail that Samsung decided to grace us with.

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The 'Ultra' model will feature a huge 108-megapixel sensor on the back

Having said that, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature 108-megapixel, 12-megapixel, and two 10-megapixel cameras. The Galaxy S21+, on the other hand, will include two 12-megapixel units, and one 64-megapixel one, just like the Galaxy S21.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to become official in mid-January. All three phones will launch at the same time, while they’re expected to go on sale in February, at least in the US. Availability elsewhere may vary. Samsung is looking to attract buyers early in 2021, it seems. Check our Galaxy S21 preview for more information.