Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Price Tags Surface Ahead Of Launch

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 price tags have just surfaced, courtesy of GalaxyClub. Do note that these are price tags for Europe, but they should give you an idea of what the cost will be elsewhere as well.

Another thing to note before we proceed is that the prices could vary from one market to the next. Countries in Europe have different VAT rates, so due to that, and other conditions, they will certainly vary.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series price tags for Europe have leaked

Now, according to the source, the Galaxy S21 will be priced at €879. The Samsung Galaxy S21+ will cost €1,079. The most expensive one of them, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is set to cost €1,399.


It is worth noting that these prices are for 128GB storage variants of the devices. Those are base storage variants, so other models will end up being more expensive. It is worth noting that Samsung tends to charge €100 more for doubling the storage in its flagships, but we’ll see.

One thing to note here, presuming these prices are accurate, is that the Galaxy S21 and S21+ will be more affordable than their predecessors. The Galaxy S20 was launched with a €999 price tag attached to it.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra, however, will be around €50 more expensive than the S20 Ultra. It will cost €100 more compared to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it seems.

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This is how much the devices will cost in the US, most probably

Now, based on these prices, we can guess what the price tags will be in the US as well. Considering the differences from previous years, and having these prices in mind, of course.

The Galaxy S21 will likely start at $899 in the States The Galaxy S21+ may cost $1,099, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the most powerful of them all, will likely end up costing $1,299 at launch.

Now, do note that the US models may stick with a 256GB base storage, in which case these price tags will be higher. We’ll just have to wait and see what will happen. We won’t have to wait for long, however, as the Galaxy S21 series is coming in mid-January, likely on January 14.