Samsung Galaxy S21+ Appears In Hands-On Video With Camera Samples

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus hands on video leak

Following the Samsung Galaxy S21’s hands-on video, the Galaxy S21+ has just surfaced in the same format. Interestingly enough, the device has appeared on the same YouTube channel as the Galaxy S21.

Both devices have surfaced on a channel called ‘Random Stuff 2’, though the Galaxy S21 video has been removed already, not once, but several times. Having said that, this Galaxy S21+ video has a duration of about 5 minutes.

The Galaxy S21+ hands-on video is represented as "unofficial review", and it includes camera samples

The title of the video actually says this is an “unofficial review”, and the person using the phone says he’s been using it for about a week. In the video itself, you’ll see the device itself, from multiple angles, and pieces of its software.


The person in the video also talks about various aspects of the device. He says that he’s impressed with the phone, and with its battery life. On top of that, you can also see some camera samples here, including both still images and videos.

He does note that this is not a final product, as it doesn’t have the final software. Therefore, we won’t talk too much about the provided images and the video, as that will change by the time this phone launches.

If you are, however, interested in checking out that content, the video has been embedded below. Let’s hope that this one won’t be removed as fast as the last one, though.

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Samsung's new flagships will become official next month

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ will become official in mid-January, along with the Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra. All three of those handsets are expected to launch on January 14, though nothing is official just yet.

The devices will look similar in comparison, though there will be some subtle differences. The biggest change from the design aspect (compared to the Galaxy S20 series) can be seen on the back, as the camera housing is now an extension of the frame.

The Galaxy S21+ will probably come with a glass back, the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Galaxy S21, on the other hand, is rumored to offer a ‘glasstic’ back. In other words, its backplate will be made out of plastic. If you’d like to know more about the Galaxy S21 series, check out our preview.