Samsung's Actions Indicate The Galaxy S21 Will Ship Without A Charger

Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers pre launch

Samsung’s recent actions indicate that the Galaxy S21 series smartphones will arrive without a charger. What did Samsung do? Well, the company has deleted Facebook posts in which it made fun of Apple’s exclusion of a charger.

Apple ships iPhone 12 units without a charger, and Samsung may do the same with the Galaxy S21

As some of you already know, Samsung made fun of Apple following the iPhone 12 series’ announcement. Apple decided to exclude chargers completely. That was back in October, by the way.

Fast forward two months, and it seems like Samsung is planning to do the same. We’ve seen some rumors already, and a well-known tipster more or less confirmed that the European units of the Galaxy S21 will ship without a charger.


That may apply to the rest of them as well. As things stand at the moment, this may be a global decision that Samsung is making, or at least a decision that will affect the vast majority of markets, we’ll see.

Samsung has a history of mocking Apple, as that was the case with the removal of a headphone jack as well. It took Samsung a bit longer to remove a headphone jack from the vast majority of its phones, but it followed in Apple’s example.

The Galaxy S21 series is coming in January

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is set to arrive in January. Samsung is expected to announce three devices as part of the series. The launch will take place on January 14, it seems. The Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are coming.


A ton of information surfaced regarding all three smartphones, basically. There’s very little to hide at this point. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the most powerful of the three, and Samsung will once again utilize two processors, depending on the market. If you’d like to know more, check out our Galaxy S21 series preview article, in which we round up everything important that leaked thus far.

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