Samsung Galaxy S21 Charging Will Be Slower Than It Should Be

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 got certified by the FCC quite recently. That certification did not reveal much, but it did share the Galaxy S21 charging speed, and it will be slower than it should be.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 charging will cap out at 25W

According to this information, the Galaxy S21 will offer 25W wired charging, and 9W wireless charging. Having said that, Samsung’s competitors are offering much faster charging speeds than this.

Most of them offer wired charging faster than 30W, and quite a few of them have wireless charging faster than 30W as well. The OnePlus 8T, for example, offers 65W wired charging.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, which arrived way back in February, offers 50W wired, and 30W wireless charging. The Huawei Mate 40 Pro comes with 66W wired charging, and 50W wireless charging.

The point is, the Galaxy S21 will lag behind in this regard. Truth be said, some competitors don’t really shine in this regard either, like Google’s Pixel phones. All three phones that the company announced this year cap out at 18W.

Not many people will have a problem with such charging speeds, though

Most people will find 25W wired charging to be fast enough. 9W wireless charging is quite slow, though. If you do charge your phone overnight, none of this will bother you. Let’s just hope that the Galaxy S21 will offer great battery life.

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Do note that this is the vanilla Galaxy S21 we’re talking about here, not the Galaxy S21+ or S21 Ultra. Those two phones may differ in that regard, and the S21 Ultra will for sure. The S21 Ultra is tipped to offer 45W fast wired charging.

All three of those phones will become official next month. They’re expected to launch in mid-January, and become available in February. Quite a bit of information surfaced regarding all three smartphones already. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our Galaxy S21 preview, where’s you’ll find plenty of information.

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