Real-Life Galaxy S21+ Images Appear To Confirm Flat Display

Galaxy S21 real life image leak featured

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ has just surfaced in real-life images, which confirm its flat display. These images come from Mauri QHD, a well-known tipster who rarely leaks images.

Real-life Galaxy S21+ images show the phone’s flat display

He did it this time, though, as he shared three images of the device. You can see both the phone’s front and back sides in these images. The first thing I’ve noticed is that its display is flat.

That is something we expected based on previous information, as only the S21 Ultra model is expected to have a slightly curved display. Both the Galaxy S21 and S21+ are tipped to arrive with a flat panel.


Having said that, you’ll also notice how thin the bezels are on the phone. I’m not 100% sure they’re uniform, but they do seem to be. The bottom bezel could be a millimeter thicker than the rest, we’ll have to wait and see.

Its bezels are extremely thin

The point is, those bezels are extremely thin. A display camera hole is a part of the package as well, as it is centered at the top of the display. That hole is also not that big, so it probably won’t bother many people.

The power / lock button is placed on the right side of the phone, and above it, you’ll see the volume up and down buttons. Samsung has decided to place all the physical buttons on one side of the device.

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In one image you can also see the back side of the phone. You’ll notice that it curves towards the edges, but for the most part, the back side is flat. Its unique-looking camera housing is also shown here.

That camera housing is an extension of the phone’s frame, so it’s made out of metal. Three vertically-aligned cameras are included inside, and the camera housing does protrude a bit. Next to it, you’ll notice an LED flash.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to launch in January. The devices will allegedly launch on January 14, and aside from the Galaxy S21+, the S21 and S21 Ultra are coming.