Pixel 5 Unlocked "Sold Out" But It's Not Gone Everywhere Just Yet

Google Pixel 5 AM AH 9

Google's Pixel 5 flagship handset has now effectively sold out at both Amazon and the search giant's official store. That's according to recent reports noting that the unlocked variant is no longer available from the company.

More specifically, the $699 device still shows a "Buy" button on its official landing page but the subsequent page tells a different story. The carrier selection page still shows stock available from carriers. But the unlocked device in both Just Black and Sorta Sage colorations is marked as "Out of Stock" and that option can't be selected.

Similarly, selecting the "unlocked" Google Fi variant only reportedly presents shipping options for January. The implication is that there is still some stock remaining but that it's dwindling. A similar scene is playing out at Amazon too. The unlocked variant ships out by the end of the month for the Just Black version. But the arguably more appealing Sorta Sage configuration won't ship until late January.


So not 'sold out' but where can you still get a Pixel 5 from Google?

Now, the low stock and 'sold out' indicators here seems to show that Google Pixel 5 is a hot item this holiday season. And it will likely become available again after the holidays are over. But, for the time being, at least, the Pixel 5 is going fast and now may be the time to buy one before they're sold out everywhere. Especially for anybody who plans to gift one for the holidays.

That leaves just a few places where buyers can snag one quickly.

Pixel 5 is available in both configurations, as of this writing, at Best Buy. The device is selling for its full MSRP at $699.99 at the site, with shipping or same-day pickup depending on location.

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Verizon users have the best chance of picking up this phone fast

The best carrier for those looking to pick up a Google Pixel 5, though, is going to be Verizon. The phone is still available from the Google Store for that carrier in both color configurations. And it comes with a $50 Google Store credit too. It can be picked up from Best Buy or Amazon with the caveat of being locked down to Verizon as well. But time is running out for getting a new Pixel before the holidays, so anybody still looking will want to act fast.