OnePlus Announces Upcoming OxygenOS Improvements

Oneplus 8T AM AH 21

OnePlus has shared a new forum post for the end of 2020. The company talked about the changes it made to OxygenOS, while OnePlus also highlighted upcoming OxygenOS improvements as well.

OnePlus highlights upcoming OxygenOS improvements

We’ll focus on some improvements here, not what happened in 2020. Do note that these are only some changes that are coming, changes that the company is planning for now. Many more will come as part of the new version of Android, of course, when the time comes.

In any case, when it comes to the camera section, OnePlus mentioned three specific improvements. The company is working to optimize inconsistency between lens and AWB. HDR portrait halo will also get improved, as an upgrade to HDR 4.0 is planned.


OnePlus is planning to add a new smart capture option to the camera, for when you’re shooting kids, for the phone to provide better images. This feature is already in testing, in close beta testing, that is.

Now, in terms of audio and accessories, OnePlus will keep optimizing sound output. The company also mentioned that active noise reduction is “under evaluation”.

The company remains focused on gaming

The last section OnePlus talked about is gaming. We’ll be getting additional IM apps to quick reply gaming tool feature. OnePlus is also working to bring the high-refresh-rate and haptic feedback to other community-favorite games.

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The very last gaming entry says that OnePlus is planning to bring FPS rate and other stats to Game Space while gaming. The company has been heavily focused on making gaming a better experience on its phones, and that trend will continue in 2021, it seems.

On top of all this, you can expect various new features in 2021, of course. We still don’t have any information on a new version of Android, but it is coming at some point next year. OnePlus will adapt its OxygenOS to it, accordingly, along with new features.