OnePlus Nord SE Will Be Almost Identical To The 'Nord'

OnePlus Nord image 11

The upcoming OnePlus Nord SE will be almost identical to the OnePlus Nord, it seems. This information comes from Max Jambor, one of the best (OnePlus) tipsters out there.

He shared the following sentence on Twitter: “Nord SE – same but looks different”. That, on its own, is not saying all that much, but Max Jambor did share more information directly with Android Headlines, explaining what he meant.

The OnePlus Nord SE will be almost identical to its sibling, it’ll arrive with a different backplate

Based on that info, the OnePlus Nord SE is the OnePlus Nord with a different backplate. That backplate has been designed by Joshua Vides, claims the source. The rest of the phone is exactly the same, though.


At the moment, we still don’t know what will the backplate look like, but we’re guessing it be considerably different than the one on the regular model. Still, we’re probably looking at a glass back still, with a different pattern under that glass.

Mr. Jambor even mentioned that the specs will remain the same. Don’t expect any changes on the front of the device either. When will this phone launch? Well, that’s something we don’t know just yet.

The phone will probably launch in the near future

The tipster said that the OnePlus Nord SE will launch “at some point”, so he doesn’t have any info just yet. Chances are OnePlus will do it soon, though, but likely not before the end of the year.


OnePlus likes to tease its upcoming devices in advance. Even though this is not a brand new smartphone, chances are we’ll get some hint it’s coming. If I had to guess, I’d say it’ll launch in early 2021, but we’ll see.

OnePlus launched quite a few smartphones this year, more than ever before. It launched three flagship devices, and several of those that cover budget and mid-range categories. The OnePlus Nord SE will sit in that mid-range category, along with the regular OnePlus Nord. Stay tuned, more information will probably surface soon.