Latest OnePlus 8T OxygenOS Update Fixes Some Issues, But Causes New Ones

Oneplus 8T AM AH 24

The OnePlus 8T launched with Android 11 right out of the box, and it has received incremental updates ever since. However, the latest OxygenOS update for the OnePlus 8T has brought some interesting problems with it according to AndroidPolice.

Firstly, let us focus on the positive. The latest update comes with various fixes on a system and network level. The update brings improved full-screen gestures and it makes the fingerprint reader faster at unlocking the phone. Although only slightly faster.

Another feature is the new option for the user to adjust the keyboard height. This will help anyone who has larger than average fingers and finds themselves with a tone of mistypes. Along with this is a minor fix for the preinstalled Gallery app as well as improvements for nightscape photography.


Engineers even seemed to fix the issue with Wi-Fi connections dropping while also improving the general network stability. India gets some exclusive features along with this update. The OnePlus Store now acts as a one-stop-shop for accessing a user’s Red Cable Club membership. Users will also be able to purchase any OnePlus products through the OnePlus Store.

Luckily, users have the option of uninstalling the OnePlus Store altogether. That way they do not feel pressured into using the store.

The latest OxygenOS update comes with some weird bugs

Now, for some bad news. After the OnePlus 8T latest update hit devices users began reporting broken audio and video playback. Unfortunately, it seems the entire device is affected. Any media file played or streamed using apps will experience severe stutters.


Luckily OnePlus users have created a large community ever since the company came into existence. This community is worldwide, and some savvy users have begun finding some workarounds. One fix which seems a bit unorthodox is to record a short video then watch it in the gallery app. This will apparently fix the audio and video problems.

However, if your device reboots for any reason the fix will revert. If this happens there is a second fix. This second fix isn’t affected by device power cycles and it is simple. Users just have to turn off Google Assistant’s voice match. Both of these fixes seem odd, but when it comes to software the possibilities are endless for things to work.

Thankfully OnePlus does seem to be aware of the issues. Recently a hotfix was released, but it is only a temporary fix. The OxygenOs version is the hotfix number. Unfortunately, it is reported that the issues still persist. If you own an OnePlus 8T and you have not updated to the latest update then don’t. If you have updated and are experiencing the issues mentioned then try the workarounds. They should help you until OnePlus releases a proper fix.