New OnePlus Fitness Band May Launch In January For $40

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There is a new OnePlus fitness band on the way. OnePlus will reportedly release a $40 fitness band to take on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. OnePlus confirmed that its smartwatch running WearOS is set to be released in 2021. Now it looks like OnePlus has another wearable on the way as well.

According to the report, OnePlus’ fitness band will be the company’s first wearable device. The OnePlus Band will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2021. This fitness band will take on the likes of the Amazfit band 5 and devices like the Mi Band series from Xiaomi, which has a lead in the budget segment. To try and steal some market away from Xiaomi OnePlus will price their band at $40.

OnePlus is using a similar strategy they use with their smartphones for the OnePlus Band. It will be aimed at upmarket buyers, and just like the OnePlus Nord, it will focus on the budget segment. OnePlus’s offering will share similarities with Amazfit Band 5.


The OnePlus Band will take on the Mi Band 5 in the budget segment

Mainly it will have water resistance, an AMOLED screen, and multi-day life. The Mi Band series has given Xiaomi crown in the budget wearables segment. Despite this, it is a good idea for OnePlus to tackle the budget segment first with the release of their first wearable.

India will be the initial market that the OnePlus Band debuts in. Of course, it will come to other markets later on. As mentioned it will cost $40 which is about ₹3,000. This will put it right up against the Mi Band 5 which sells for ₹2,499 or $33.

The company already sells its TVs in India exclusively, and they do over a third of their manufacturing in the country. As a result, the decision to launch its first wearable in India first is a good one.


The OnePlus Band will be unveiled in Q1 2021. It is alleged that it will be released a few weeks before the debut of the company’s next phone. The OnePlus9. The new smartphone is also supposed to be announced in the first quarter of 2021, but closer to the end of the quarter.

As a result of this knowledge, it seems like the new wearable will launch in January or early February. This is good news for anyone who may be looking for a cheap fitness band to keep up with their New Years Resolution goals.

For those customers, if they live in India they will be able to get their hands on the OnePlus Band first. Other users will have to wait a little longer until it reaches the rest of the world.