Mysterious Google Pixel XE Appears In A Set Of Sketchy Images

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This is not what we expected to happen today, but… the alleged Google Pixel XE surfaced. This is the first time we’re hearing about this device. The Google Pixel XE live images surfaced, but they’re very, very sketchy.

Why? Well, aside from the fact this is the first time we’re hearing about this device, the source tends to be somewhat unreliable when not linking to other sites. These images come from Slashleaks, a site that collects leaked images from all around the web.

These Google Pixel XE images are quite sketchy, for a number of reasons

The thing is, that website usually reshares images from other sources, and sources the content. In that case, it depends on the original source. This leak, however, doesn’t have a source listed, so who knows where it’s from.


On top of that, this phone is placed in a case, or at least it seems like it. The images are quite dark, but it does seem like it has a case on it. If it doesn’t, those bezels belong in 2010, not 2020. A display camera hole is here as well, and it’s centered.

There’s another reason I believe this is fake, dual SIM support. There are two physical SIM card slots mentioned on the ‘About phone’ screen, and we all know that Google doesn’t offer that.

What’s weird here, is that in the ‘About phone’ section, the ‘Google Pixel XE’ is listed as the device in question. This could have been faked, of course, and truth be said, it probably is.

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We’re waiting for a reliable source to confirm or deny this, but for the time being, you should definitely take all this with a grain of salt. This came out of nowhere, and there are a couple of red flags worth considering… the ones we’ve mentioned in the article. There is still a slight chance these are real, though, so… let’s just wait and see what will happen.