Microsoft Launcher Update Adds New Features For Surface Duo

microsoft surface duo

Microsoft has released a new update for its Microsoft Launcher for Android users. Reportedly, it brings some well-needed bug fixes and new features for the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Surface Duo, the company's first take on the dual-screen display phones, was launched this year. Though the phone was hyped for months before its launch, it was not very well received by the critics.

Although the design, build quality, and hinge mechanism are pretty good, there were several issues with the software of the phone. The good thing is the latest Microsoft Launcher update now fixes all those issues.


The latest update arrives with version number 6.2.201102.92686 and is available via the Google Play Store. Talking about the features, it adds screen time support for Surface Duo, keyword search in Office apps, group app creation improvements, etc.

In fact, it also brings much-needed improvements in spacing and icon consistency. Earlier this year, the company released a version 6 update for Android devices. It added Personalized news, Customizable icons, Landscape mode, and more.

All in all, the update is more focused on improving the functionalities and fixing the bugs on the Microsoft Surface Duo phone.

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Screen time feature will let users how they’ve been using the device

One of the most important features that this new Microsoft Launcher update adds is the screen time. It will allow users to keep a check on how exactly and for how much time they have been using their device.

The feed page loading in landscape and with another app has also been improved. These are some issues that the first-hand users of the Microsoft Surface Duo experienced.

Moreover, the update seems to be right in time because Microsoft is planning to launch the Surface Duo in more countries. So, fixing all the major issues before its launch is very critical.


Besides, it will ensure the device works properly before the global launch. We are not pretty sure that the device will be a global hit of some sort, as there are other rivals that have more refined products.

While we are at it, it is also important to bring to notice that the phone has still not received the Android 11 update. Yes, there are tons of other devices that are also in line.

But being a major and currently the only Android phone that Microsoft offers, it should have picked the update by now. Plus point of having Android 11 is the improved dual-screen support and optimization for apps and gestures that Android 11 brings for devices.