Microsoft Is Launching Cloud Gaming For PC In 2021

Xbox Game Pass Android

Microsoft is getting ever closer to launching its cloud gaming offering for PC users.

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, more commonly known as Project xCloud from its preview days, is crossing the divide over to PC. Right now you can only play Xbox games through the cloud on your Android device.

The list of compatible Android devices is pretty extensive, but that’s just it. Microsoft only supports Android at the moment. Whereas options like Stadia, Shadow, and GeForce NOW all work on Android and PC. Shadow even works on iOS and Stadia can be played on your TV.


Microsoft announced the details of this expansion this morning.

Microsoft will bring cloud gaming to PC and iOS in the Spring of 2021

Microsoft didn’t give specific dates for the arrival of this expansion to new devices. It did however give a general time frame so players know what to expect.

In the Spring of 2021 you’ll be able to start playing Xbox games through the cloud on both PC and iOS devices. The Spring starts around late March, early April. So it’s not likely that you’ll see Microsoft roll cloud gaming out to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on PC before then.


But if you’re eager to test it out, install the Android app and boot up a game. That will be the best way to get a feel of what it will be like once it hits PC. You can even use the Xbox Wireless Controller if you like. Which might be one of the best options if you see yourself playing these games more on the PC once you’re able. Assuming you use the Xbox controller to play PC games.

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass is expanding to new markets

For those where cloud gaming through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate already exists, the arguably more exciting part of Microsoft’s announcement this morning is the PC availability.

But the offering isn’t available everywhere. The good news is that Microsoft will be expanding this to new regions. Some of the new markets that will be getting access are Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and Australia.


Worth noting, is that these are all markets where the xCloud preview program was made available in limited amounts to a small number of testers. So Microsoft isn’t choosing these markets arbitrarily.

Microsoft doesn’t announce any specific dates for the market expansion either. But it will still be in the Spring of 2021.