LG Moves One Step Closer Towards Releasing Its First Rollable Handset

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LG has moved one step closer towards releasing its first rollable smartphone. The device just got certified in South Korea. The model that got certified is the LM-R910N, based on meeco.kr.

Some of you probably already know that the device is scheduled to arrive in H1 2021. At least LG hopes it can be done. The phone did get postponed recently, but it’s still coming in H1 next year, it seems.

OPPO Rollable is one step closer to launch, following the LG Wing

That device will be announced as part of LG’s Explorer Program. It will become the second phone to get released as part of that program. The first one was the LG Wing, LG’s swiveling smartphone.


OPPO already announced its rollable smartphone concept, the OPPO X 2021. That is just a concept, even though OPPO did show off a working unit. Don’t expect it to become available anytime soon, though.

Reports are actually suggesting that the OPPO X 2021, or a device similar to it from OPPO, won’t become available until 2022. We’ll see. LG, on the other hand, is expected to make its rollable smartphone available next year.

LG’s rollable smartphone is still a mystery

We don’t know much about LG’s rollable. It will probably utilize a similar technology like OPPO’s device. We’re expecting it to come with a rollable display, which will expand horizontally.

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In terms of specs, nothing is known at this point. It is expected to offer high-end specifications, but we’ll see if that is an accurate presumption. That device, once it becomes available, won’t be cheap, that’s for sure.

Rollable smartphones are expected to compete with foldable handsets moving forward. Chances are only one of those two form factors will prevail in the long run, but we’ll see. It’s possible that both will, of course.

One thing is for sure, 2021 will be an interesting and exciting year when it comes to smartphones. New, exciting foldable smartphones, smartphones with under-display cameras, and a rollable smartphone or two.