Leaked Galaxy S21 Ultra Camera Samples Show An Improvement Over Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leak 2

Well, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera will be a welcome improvement over its predecessor. On Twitter, a user by the name of Snapdrachun 888 5G posted side by side photos of the moon. One was taken by the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the other was taken by the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Both versions were the Exynos variants. It is clear that the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera has improved a lot over the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The user notes that these two pictures were given to him by his sources.

While the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was one of the best Android devices last year, Samsung doesn’t like to rest on their past success. The photos show what both the Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra can do.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but utilized 50x zoom in the photos. The S21 Ultra shows much more detail and color accuracy when compared to the Note 20 Ultra. As you can see the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a reddish tint while the Galaxy S21 Ultra shows a more natural-looking photo.

Zooming towards the title of "best Android camera"

When the Galaxy S20 Ultra was released its zoom capabilities were apart of its main marketing push. Then the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was released and Samsung improved on the zoom capabilities of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung seems to have done it again with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung has always been one of the companies that excel at camera hardware. It doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon.

Speaking of camera hardware the Galaxy S21 Ultra is rumored to include some nice hardware. The rumors state that it will include two telephoto lenses. One will be 10MP with a 3x zoom while the other will be 10MP with 10x zoom. The second of these two telephoto lenses is a “super” telephoto camera. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will also feature a new second-generation 108MP sensor which will be wide-angle. It is rumored that Samsung is also planning to revive its “Super Zoom” feature.

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra is looking to be a beast of a device. Besides some really nice photo leaks the device has more class-leading hardware inside. It will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor which Qualcomm recently announced. It will also include a 120Hz panel with an expected adaptive refresh rate. As a result, the Galaxy S21 Ultra would be able to adapt its refresh rate to best fit the situation just like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra does. In other words, it looks like Samsung will have another winner on its hands.