Instagram Releases Instagram Lite For Lower-End Devices

Instagram AH NS 07

Who doesn’t love Instagram? However, Instagram may not run on lower-end devices with little storage. As Instagram releases Instagram Lite users with more modest devices can join in on the fun now.

Xda-Developers reported today that at the “Facebook Fuel For India” event Instagram launched Instagram Lite. Instagram Lite will be a version that weighs in at less than 2MB in size. This is perfect for anybody who has a lower end android device and cannot spare a lot of storage.

Now even though the main target is lower-end devices like the Nokia 1.3, some users of higher-end phones may be interested as well. Instagram as of late has become kind of bloated. It originally started as just a photo sharing experience. But now Instagram has stories, reels, shopping, and more.


The emphasis on speed, performance, and responsiveness will come as a welcome change. Overall Instagram Lite will have a similar experience to the regular version. You’ll still have your feed, stories, and direct messages. The lite version will remove Reels, Shopping, and IGTV. If you never utilized these features before then this will not affect your experience.

Instagram releases Instagram Lite in India first

Now for a little bit of bad news for those who are interested in Instagram Lite. It is only available in India now. For users in India, Instagram Lite will support many of the regional languages such as Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, and more.

For other users who are outside of India, you have two options. Option one is you can sideload the Instagram Lite apk. Option two is just to wait until it reaches the rest of the world. There are plans for a global release later, but hopefully not too much later.


Instagram Lite officially became available on the Google Play Store on December 9. What is impressive is that as of now it has been downloaded more than 5 million times. For it to have been available for less than a week that isn’t bad. This new version of Instagram Lite was released when the older lite version was discontinued. The older version was available in Mexico, Kenya, and the Philippines.

With the release of Instagram Lite, the experience becomes accessible to more users. By slimming down the application to run on lower devices, users in developing countries can connect with the rest of the world. That is a win for everyone. You can download Instagram Lite from this link.