Huawei May Remove Chargers From Future Products

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A new report suggests that Huawei could be the next company to remove chargers from their products. As translated and clarified by Phone Arena Huawei seems to be next in line to remove a standard accessory from their products.

When leaks for the iPhone 12 began one of the biggest rumors was the removal of the charger. Consumers were in an uproar to have the charger from their $700+ purchase removed. Other companies such as Samsung mocked Apple’s decision. However, it seems that Apple may have started a new trend. As it turns out, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is rumored to be missing a charger.

When Apple started this their reason was to reduce carbon pollution by making packaging that is thinner and lighter. People mocked Apple for making this decision. Apple preached this would reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to this Apple stated that consumers have plenty of chargers already.


Huawei asked consumers in a survey if a wireless headset box needed a Type-C cable included. In the same survey, Huawei asked if there is an acceptable price range for a wireless headset to ship without a free charging cable. The last thing Huawei wanted to know was if leaving out a Type-C cable would affect a customer’s purchase decision.

Huawei recently released their FreeBuds Studio which includes a Type-C charging cable. These could be the last headphones released from the company that may not have a cable. Thankfully, Huawei did not mention smartphones in the survey.

Like Apple, Huawei may remove chargers

Huawei is taking the same approach as Apple. Apple originally sent out surveys to its customers to prepare consumers. Apple’s survey wanted to see what people did with their old chargers. As a result, Apple decided to remove the charging bricks and wired earphones from the iPhone package.

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As a result of Apple removing wired earphones from iPhones, the sale of their wireless earphones has improved. Huawei could be taking the same approach as Apple. Preparing their customers for the eventual removal of accessories that have been standard for years.

First Apple removed their charging bricks and wired earphones. Then Samsung removed the USB-C earphones from the Note 20 line. Now Huawei looks like they will join the bandwagon and remove charging cables as well. As the price of smartphones continues to rise it comes as a slap in the face to consumers when things are taken away. Hopefully, this will not become an industry standard. But Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are big players in the industry. Unfortunately, what one of them does others tend to follow.