Google To End Cloud Print Feature On January 1

google cloud print

In an official support page update, Google has announced that users will no longer be able to use the Google Cloud Print feature from January 1, 2021.

Well, this was officially coming as way back in November 2019 Google confirmed that it would shut down its Google Cloud Print service. Users had until 31 December 2020 to migrate away.

And now the time is finally here, as the company has updated its support page as a gentle reminder. After December 31, 2020, Google Cloud Print will join the likes of Google Play Music that also died this year.


For most people, it shouldn't be much of a major inconvenience when they would discover Cloud Print is not available for them. This was a nifty feature for people with Chrome OS devices to print their documents.

It came out when printer support in Chrome OS was not that advanced. Moreover, easy-to-use wireless printers were also not readily available.

But the landscape has completely changed now. Because most manufacturers are bringing out printers with wireless solutions and Chrome is also now offering printer support.

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Devices on any OS will not be able to print using Google Cloud Print

Google launched the Cloud Print feature back in 2010. It was launched to ease out the task of printing documents with Chrome OS devices for users.

Later in 2017, the company added a native printing option. This allowed users to connect their compatible printer with any Chrome OS device on your network.

This negated the need for having a cloud connection. For some, it was a nifty feature as it allowed them to print any documents remotely from their homes.


Besides, this Google Cloud Print feature also came in handy if you needed to submit something urgently at home and you were out of your house. You can print remotely and ask your family members to submit the documents.

However, since there are several wireless solutions available, there is no longer need for this service. Which is the reason Google is getting rid of this service.

As a reminder for those who are still using it, Google has updated its support page. If you are still using the Google Cloud Print feature, then you should find an alternative as there is not much time left before this service goes dead.


To make this task a bit easy for you, Google has listed out some alternative printing options. You can head over here to know more about the end of Cloud Print and alternatives that you can make use of.