Google Makes Super Bomberman R Online Free For All Stadia Users

Super Bomberman R Online Stadia

Google has pushed out a fresh list of current and upcoming changes for Stadia, and that includes free access for all users to Super Bomberman R Online. The game was previously a title you had to buy, but now it's possible to play it without having to pay for it. The free access to Super Bomberman R Online goes live on Stadia today.

And since Google typically allows access to new or changed games by 9AM PST, it should already be available to play for everyone at this point. You'll need to at least have a free Stadia account set up to play it of course. All it will end up costing you is a few minutes of your time to get things going.

Super Bomberman for free is joined by Stadia Free Play Days

In addition to the free access to Super Bomberman R Online, Google is also bringing back Free Play Days. Its recurring segment of free access to a specific game for a period of a few days. This time around Free Play Days will include The Elder Scrolls Online. A popular MMO based on the series of Elder Scrolls games and lore.


Free Play Days isn't immediately available though. Rather, it'll begin on December 3, which is this coming Thursday. Once it starts, Stadia users will have until 7AM PST on December 7 to enjoy the game at no cost. Access opens up at 7AM PST on December 3. The hope here obviously is that players will enjoy it enough to buy the game.

New games are added to Stadia Pro

Had enough of free games yet? Of course you haven't. Because no one that likes games is likely to be mad that they get more great games for free. Today there are six new games being added to the Stadia Pro lineup. Which means they'll be free to claim for members that are subscribing to the Pro membership.

These six new games include Hitman 2, Hello Neighbor: Secret Neighbor, Into The Breach, Kine, Monster Jam Steel Titans, and Everspace, which is a game that's new to Stadia entirely. In fact the only games that aren't new to Stadia out of these six are Hitman 2 and Kine.

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There's also five more games being added to the Stadia store this week which include Immortals Fenyx Rising, Outward, Chronos: Before The Ashes, PHOGS!, and El Hijo. In addition to the new games dropping on the Stadia store, there are also a ton of new discounts for Stadia members to pick up games at cheaper prices.