Google Recorder 2.1 Now Supports External & Bluetooth Microphones

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A new version of Google Recorder is now live that finally enables the external and Bluetooth mic support. This feature is arriving with Google Recorder 2.1.

Google Recorder is one of the best voice recorders out there, thanks to its great features. For instance, it has instant transcription, handy editing and trimming, and Google Assistant integration.

However, before the latest v2.1 update, Google Recorder only had the capability of recording audio coming through the phone’s inbuilt microphone.


The downside of this was it made it a bit challenging for users to use it in a crowded location to clearly record their own voice. Using a Bluetooth headset or external mic could easily solve this issue.

Thankfully, Google Recorder 2.1 now supports external and Bluetooth mic. This means that you can now connect any external or Bluetooth mic to your phone and leave the phone at the desk or inside your pocket and walk around and record your audio.

Once you have installed the latest Google Recorder 2.1 update, it will detect and switch to an external mic or Bluetooth mic. And then, you can make use of it to record your audio.

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Google Recorder 2.1 introduces a new Microphone setting for external mic detection

The new Google Recorder 2.1 update adds a new microphone setting for external mic detection. This menu item lets you pick between two options: Auto-detect, which switches automatically to connected mics (wired or Bluetooth), and Always use phone mic, which will catch audio from the internal mic.

But there are arguments for using both the audio options. For example, recording via a Bluetooth headset could let you record your audio on the move and you can record audio by keeping your phone at a distance.

On the other hand, using your phone’s microphone will give you a high-quality output, as the phone’s inbuilt microphone is of higher quality compared to the Bluetooth mic.


When you start a recording, a new menu will pop up at the bottom of the screen. This menu shows which audio is being saved. You can force your device to use the inbuilt mic even though a Bluetooth mic is connected.

One advantage of using a Bluetooth mic is that you can make use of Google Assistant commands to simply trigger a recording.

You simply need to say “start a voice recording” and Voila! You can start recording without even the need of picking up your phone.


But as noted by Android Police, you still need to unlock your phone to let it start recording even though you used voice commands. So, it ultimately means that you need to pick up your phone.

Moreover, this seems to be the only change the Google Recorder 2.1 app has added. The ability to back up to Google Drive is still not live in the app.

You need to update the Google Recorder app to the latest version in order to use this new feature. The app is available via the Google Play Store.