Google Photos App Gets Live Wallpaper Option That Showcases Your Memories

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As per XDA, a new Google Photos update is now live that brings a live wallpaper option that cycles through users’ memories. This Google Photos Memories live wallpaper feature is live with app version 5.22.

Back in September 2019, Google introduced the Memories view feature. This helped users’ to discover old photos or videos from a particular date or time.

In the recent past as well, the company has tested quite a few features for the Memories option. This includes the features to order photo prints, photo creation support, and the ‘Recent Highlights’ album.


The ‘Recent Highlights’ option in Google Photos showcases the automatically curated album of your best photos. Notably, all the features have not yet made their way to the app.

The newly introduced Google Photos Memories feature adds a dedicated tab and different categories of memories. This tab will show all the images from the trips you have taken and other highlights.

Moreover, users will be able to set these memories as background live wallpaper on your smartphone. You simply need to apply the memories live wallpaper from the stock wallpaper picker app.


The Google Photos Memories live wallpaper option will also show a preview of how your memories will appear on the home screen.

Google Photos Memories live wallpaper picks up photos from your backups

The Google Photos Memories live wallpaper feature picks up photos from your backups. Later, Google AI will pick up the photos that will be displayed as live wallpapers.

However, there is one negative point that the feature doesn’t let you choose which images or folders are displayed as wallpapers.


This could be a bummer. Furthermore, this new addition may not be compelling for many users to keep using Google Photos on their devices.

Because previously Google announced in November that one of the most important features of backing up unlimited images for free will no longer be available on Google Photos. This move has received heavy criticism across various platforms by users.

If you wish to set the Google Photos Memories wallpaper, then you need to open the stock wallpaper app. Then tap the “Set wallpaper” button at the bottom right corner to apply the live wallpaper.


There is an “Open Photos” button that redirects you to Google Photos. But opening the Google Photos app does not feature any additional customization options for the live wallpaper.

Besides, there is a “Preview” checkbox, tapping on which you will be able to hide all buttons on the preview pane and view the live wallpaper in full-screen view.

The new update is available for the app via the Google Play Store. You can press here to be redirected to Google Play Store to experience the new Google Photos Memories feature.


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