Google Maps Community Feed Helps You More Easily Stay In The Know

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Google is once again updating Google Maps with a new feature to help make your life easier, this time with a feature called Community Feed. The Community Feed is located within the Explore tab of the app, and is designed to help users stay in the know about all the best, hip, breakout, must-see spots around town. Whether it’s a popular new burger place or a really excellent flower shop.

The point behind the feature is to allow for easier discovery of community-focused reviews and recommendations based on personal experience. Google Maps relies heavily on informational aspects from community users who have visited these places. As it can take that information and display that for other users.

Use the Google Maps Community Feed to find something to do

The community feed can be a helpful tool each and every day. So long as you’re looking to do something that day that involves going to a local place somewhere within your community. It can also be helpful for planning upcoming outings on the weekend.


For example, you can follow your favorite restaurants in the community feed. And say you wanted to pay them a visit on the weekend. Throughout the week you can open the feed and see if they’ve posted anything about new dishes you may want to try.

The community feed can also list articles from publications like The Infatuation, or updates from food and drink merchants. Overall it’s a one-stop shop sorts for discovering new things to do around town. As it’s so much more than just reviews and ratings from other users now.

A bountiful boost for businesses

According to Google the community feed feature is also a nice addition for businesses. It says that businesses who utilized the community feed saw two times more engagement from users (their posts were seen two times more with the feed than without) than before the feed was an available feature. That’s a significant boost to business that likely results in positive changes for the establishment.


So not only does it help users discover stuff to do around their community, it helps businesses big and small reach more potential customers. It’s really a win-win. The community feed is rolling out to users globally from today. And Google is making it available to Google Maps users on both Android and iOS. Which means everyone should have access to it sometime over the next few days.