Google Camera Go App Adds Support For HDR Photography

google camera go hdr support

We all aware of the computational prowess of Google Pixel phones in producing those brilliant images from a single lens. Well, the Google Camera app is the thing we should be thankful for.

Thanks to the open-source nature of Android, developers ported over the Google Camera app from Pixel phones. And now, the ported GCam app or Google Camera app is available for almost every Android smartphone.

This about the devices that do not run the stock Google Camera app. For devices running the trimmed down version of Google's Android OS, the Android Go, the company released the Google Camera Go app earlier this year in March.


As you would expect from a trimmed down version, the Google Camera Go app did not include much of the high-end features of the original Google Camera app.

It was missing several features that you would find on the original app. However, Google being Google, rolled over several features for the Google Camera Go app in the recent past.

In October, the Google Camera Go app received the Night Mode support. Google also confirmed that in the future, HDR support will be coming to the app. And it seems like Google has stuck true to its words.

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Google Camera Go HDR support gives you crisper details & richer color in your photos

In an official tweet, Google confirmed the addition of this new feature. With HDR Support, you will get crisper details and richer colors in the images taken on the Google Camera Go app.

But more interestingly, since the Google Camera Go app runs on budget smartphones, these cheaper devices will now be able to take good quality images.

Just like the Night Mode was rolled out for the Google Camera Go app, HDR support should start rolling out for all the Android Go devices.


The update will arrive via the Play Store. And the first devices in line should be the Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61, and Wiko Y81. In case you own any of these devices, you might have already received an update on the Play Store.

A new HDR toggle will be available on the Camera Go's app interface. Notably, you can also side-load the Google Camera Go app on any Android device running Android Oreo or above.

However, you won't have access to any of the features, including Night Mode and HDR Support. The reason being, these features are whitelisted for a few devices only.


The update will arrive for more devices in the coming days, and you should keep a check on the Play Store for an update to the Google Camera Go app on your Android Go device.