Google Assistant Support Coming To Chrome App

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The latest report by Android Police now confirms that Google may soon bring Google Assistant voice support to Chrome for Android. This would apparently retire the older voice search functionality.

Google Assistant, over the years, has become mature. A ton of features has been added to the voice assistant to extend its functionality and fill in the features it had missing.

Moreover, the addition of Google Assistant support for Chrome on Android would also benefit the multilingual users. Additionally, it will update the look of the voice input with the modern voice assistant.


You can activate and use the Google Assistant voice search on Chrome for Android right away. For that, you do not need to be a beta member or install the developer version.

Notably, you need to enable a flag. Simply copy and paste chrome://flags/#omnibox-assistant-voice-search in the search bar of Chrome mobile.

Then you need to activate the Omnibox Assistant Voice Search and restart your browser. This will enable the Google Assistant support for Chrome.

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Now when you tap the microphone button in the address bar or the new tab page then, a full-screen Assistant voice input search panel will show up.

The new interface can also be activated on devices that don't have the new Google Assistant

Good thing is that the new Google Assistant interface can also be activated on devices that do not have the new assistant. The search results will be spoken and shown, as usual, on

Besides, as noted by Android Police, you will not get the Google Assistant glowing color at the bottom. This flag surfaced back in January this year. However, it was not functioning at that time.


Meaning that nothing happened if you turned the feature ON. But it seems like a server-side update has triggered the feature ON for Chrome on Android.

One important thing to note is that the new assistant interface only works on the new tab page and in the address bar. Also, the feature is available as a flag on Chrome for Android. The voice search is handled by the website itself.

If you are interested in trying out this feature, you should know that the new interface is live in stable Chrome 87. As already mentioned, you don't need to get the beta or dev version in order to experience the new feature.


You can download the latest version of Google Chrome for Android from the Play Store or by clicking here.

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