The Galaxy S20 FE Is Apparently A Super Popular Phone At Carriers

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review AM AH 13

Samsung has been a popular smartphone brand for many, many years now, but the Galaxy S20 FE is one of the brand’s most popular phones to date according to US wireless carriers.

The phone is so popular, it seems, that carriers are reporting the device is among Samsung’s top three selling phones. Not only that but it rose to this level of popularity rather quickly.

Which is by no means a small accomplishment. Even for Samsung as not all of its devices turn out to be highly desirable. The Fan Edition phones are another story though, and it looks like customers who buy their phones at carriers can’t get enough of the Galaxy S20 FE.


60% of reps at carriers say the Galaxy S20FE is a top-three seller

Whether or not you find it hard to believe, the Galaxy S20 FE is a desirable smartphone from Samsung. Jeff Moore from Wave7 research states that 60% of the store reps at US carriers are reporting this phone as being one of Samsung’s top-three sellers.

More than that, it was quickly one of the top three sellers. There might be a few reasons for this. For one, Moore says that the Galaxy S20+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are no longer available from T-Mobile’s website. Which could mean that stock will run low or run out at other US carrier websites in the near future too.

AT&T meanwhile is out of stock on its website of the Galaxy S20. Customers of those carriers then could be looking for any means necessary to get a Galaxy S20 in their hands. And the Fan Edition is there to provide that resolution.


Another thing to consider is that the Fan Edition is a device that Samsung creates for the fans. Which means it’s beefing up the device a little bit with features that the fans have asked for.

Android 11 is a couple of months out

If there is any downside to this device it’s the wait users will have to go through before they get the update to Android 11.

Back on December 9 a leak surfaced which reportedly showed off the roadmap that Samsung had for updating its phones to Android 11. The Galaxy S20 FE is on that list, but it’s towards the bottom of it.


Though there is no exact date, it does say that the Galaxy S20 FE is estimated to get the update to Android 11 in February of 2021. Which means it could still be a couple of months away.

Even with that though the device has continued to sell.