[UPDATE: Probably Fake] First Look At The LG Rollable Smartphone Provided By A Tipster

LG V50 ThinQ 5G AM AH 12

UPDATE: As noted at the end of the article, a rollable phone emulator became available on the Arctic Fox Canary 1 build of Android Studio. That alone made this leak questionable. Well, cozyplanes now admitted that it probably is, as the initial source was kind of fishy to begin with. So, it seems like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the real deal.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: LG is expected to announce its first rollable smartphone in H1 2021, and a tipster just provided us with a first look at the device. The device’s model has been shown via several tweets in form of a 3D model on the display.

You can see all three tweets embedded down below, one tweet, and two replies to it. The information comes from cozyplanes, as you can see, and the tipster seems to be sure this is LG’s first rollable smartphone.



First look at the LG Rollable smartphone is here, in form of a 3D model

It seems like LG will take a similar approach to OPPO when it comes to the design of its rollable. Granted, this 3D model does not show us all the details, not even close, but it’s at least something.

We’ll have to wait for CAD-based renders, or something of the sort, in order to get more details. Based on what we can see here, the phone will expand horizontally quite a bit. The tipster notes its display will measure 6.8 inches (2428 x 1080), but will expand to a 7.4-inch panel (2428 x 1600).

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The frame of the phone seems to be made out of metal, and it’s likely that a fingerprint scanner will be included on the site. We do get to see the right side of the device here, and the fingerprint scanner seems to be there.

LG had already teased its first rollable smartphone. It is expected to become the second device released as part of the company’s Explorer Project. The first one was the LG Wing.

LG is expected to announce its first rollable handset in H1 2021

LG is expected to announce its rollable smartphone in the first half of next year. We’re still not sure when exactly will that happen, but several reports suggest it will be in the first half of the year.


We’re expecting this phone will offer high-end specifications, but we’ll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure, the device won’t be cheap. It will probably have a premium price tag attached to it.

It may take a while before it becomes available as well. More information will probably leak in the coming weeks / months, as we’re getting closer to the launch date. It is also worth noting that the phone could be called ‘LG Slide’.

Having said all that, do take this leak with a grain of salt, we’re still not convinced this is the actual product. A rollable phone emulator became available on the Arctic Fox Canary 1 build of Android Studio, so this could have easily been created with it. Considering that cozyplanes did publish this as the LG Rollable smartphone, it does give it some credit, but still… take it with a grain of salt.