Evernote On Android Is Getting A Major Revamp With New Update

evernote app

In an official blog, Evernote has shared details about a new update that is now rolling out for Android users. The changes completely redesign the Evernote app.

As noted by Evernote, the latest Evernote Android app update aims to provide a more streamlined Evernote experience. The update is already live for Android users via the Play Store.

The new Evernote update mainly touches four components of the note-taking app: streamlined navigation, improved note editor, new note button, and faster search.


Notably, the Android update is live after serving the users on iPhone, iPad, Windows, and MacOS. The editor is now more consistent and has a cleaner look across various devices.

According to the official post, the new navigation menu opens from the left side. This makes it easy to access notes, notebooks, shortcuts, tags, and other in-app options.

This gives you more convenient access to your notes and negates the need for digging through several menu options. The notes editor is also getting a major overhaul.

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Notes editor now has new formatting options, control over headings, standardized font selection, better readability, and more consistency across devices.

Besides, the new notes editor now shows tools for changing things such as text, text size, alignment, links, and much more. Overall, it gives users more creative options on the go.

Evernote Android update brings a new note button to quickly create a blank note

As already mentioned, the Evernote Android app is getting a new note button. Users can make a blank note quickly using this new button.


Moreover, the new note button also has other options like scan a document, record audio, add an attachment, etc. Finally, last but not the least, the new update includes a faster search.

Apparently, this feature was first introduced on the web version of the note-taking app. Faster Search feature allows users to see real-time suggestions as you type. This adds that nifty bit to make the app a bit more pleasing to use.

Evernote in the official post also highlighted that it is adding some more feature-full controls to the Android app. For instance, controls to toggle light and dark mode independent of your device settings, and view-only mode to avoid accidental editing the notes.


The new Evernote updated app is available via the Google Play Store. It will be made available over the course of a few weeks. However, there is one important thing to note. The new update only supports Android 10 or newer.

Good thing is that Evernote is working to get the app ready for Android 9 and the older version of the OS. But didn’t provide a timeline of the rollout.